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Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki
Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki are gentle, non-invasive techniques that are based on the principle that our bodies know how to heal themselves.  Mary listens to the body through palpation, then allows or introduces movement, which will release restrictions.  Restrictions are caused by physical or emotional traumas held in cellular memory.  The body can essentially “freeze” many kinds of injuries and hold on to them until they are released.  Common examples include neck injuries from car accidents, sports injuries, accidental falls, or birth complications, such as forceps deliveries.  Emotional traumas are also stored by the body
Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki can do amazing things by complimenting the body’s natural healing processes.  Not only is it used as a preventative health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, it is very effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.  Studies have shown that hands on healing approaches have provided significant improvement including but not limited to:
–  Stress and Tension
–  Migraine Headaches
–  Chronic Neck and Back Pain
–  Autism
–  Central Nervous System Disorders
–  Orthopedic Problems
–  Emotional Difficulties
–  Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
–  Scoliosis
–  Chronic Fatigue
–  Allergies and Sinus Problems
–  Trauma
–  TMJ
–  Post-Surgical Dysfunction

Mary is a certified Hypnotherapist. If the client so desires we can also use this deeply relaxing therapy to work with the mind and sub conscious to release blocks in our lives.

Hypnotherapy is very helpful with
Looking at unresolved issues in our lives
Weight Issues
Past Life regression
Life Progression

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